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Monika Prodhan

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Deutsche Samsstagsschule Oxford: Deutsch als Zweit- und Erstsprache
lessons for children and adults

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German Language Services Oxford offers language classes for schoolchildren (Deutsche Samsstagsschule Oxford) and adults using traditional educational methods as well as techniques that integrate cultural references, such as holidays, games, food, folk tales and stories.

For younger children's classes, typical clients include bi-lingual families living in England where children are not immersed in German environs and who don't have a reference to the language outside the home. It can sometimes come as a surprise to them that other people also speak German! By playing with other children in informal settings while hearing and speaking German words and phrases they can become more accustomed to German being part of their everyday life.

We offer the following children's classes.

About Us

Monika Prodhan is a native German and holds degrees from Münster University in English and Geography, a BA in Mathematics from the Open University and a certificate for teaching German as a Foreign Language from the Goethe-Institut. She has been teaching German for over 40 years to a wide range of pupils - all ages, and all levels from beginner to near-native speaker level, mainly at the Goethe-Institut in Glasgow, London and Germany, but also in schools and colleges of further education. She also has wide experience of teaching business German notably at ESCP-EAP (the European Management School) and the London Business School. She is now a member of and the treasurer for the Association of German Saturday Schools.
She works with up to three teaching assistants to provide a safe and effective environment for the children's classes.